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Crystal Crunch-Diamond Heart Chocolate Mold Kit

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Product description: 

Make desserts in the most beautiful forms

Let’s change the way you make desserts forever! CrystalCrunch allows you to create beautifully shaped jellies, muffins, fondants, pastries and chocolates without breaking a sweat!

Using them, you only need to pour, bake and unstick to make your sweet masterpiece! It’s easy, fun and rewarding to bake with them, because the results are always delicious!

For the more special occasions, put your gift inside the dessert you’re making to create a memorable and delicious finish for dessert! The praises are guaranteed to come after the last dish!

Why CrystalCrunch is for you

Make an unforgettable surprise- Easily place your gift between the layers of sweetness to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones!

Exquisite in shape and taste- Discover the simplicity of making crunchy diamond-shaped desserts and everyone will find room for the last dish!

Guaranteed to be delicious- Enjoy yourself why you create jellies, muffins, fondants, pastries and chocolates, just by pouring and cooking!

CrystalCrunch is the ultimate choice- Satisfy everyone’s appetite for desserts to all the praise your work deserves!