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Dinodac-Kids Dinosaur Backpack

Product Description:

The perfect traveling buddy for children

Your children’s favorite plushy toy can now accompany them on all their adventures! Dinodac is a dinosaur toy, a backpack and a great travel company for children of all ages!

On the inside, Dinodac is roomy and firmly stitched to hold all the books for school. On the outside, Dinodac is super plushy and lively, ready for games and cuddles!

If your kid loves dinosaurs then we have found his new best friend! You are never alone when traveling with Dinodac on your back, the new adventures are waiting!

Why Dinodac is for you

Your cuddle buddy- Soft, plushy and always ready for a hug, Dinodac will give a comforting cuddle every time your child needs one!

With you always- Dinodac will accompany you on your adventurous travels to ease the weight of your baggage and keep you in good company!

Never goes extinct- Crafted out of top grade materials, the rain, heavy loads and rough play don’t bother Dinodac! It will stay by your side forever!

Dinodac is the ultimate choice- Wherever your kids go they’ll always have Dinodac to keep them entertained and well suited for the road ahead!