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PrettyPuff-Multicolor Glitter Gel Nails

Product Description:

Create the most dazzling nail look

We’ve conjured the perfect poly gel formula to bring attention and colors to your nails like never before! PrettyPuff creates a special look only you get to enjoy!

It applies and shapes easily so you can add more to your look with less effort. You can’t go wrong with it as the shining colors sit amazing with every style and outfit!

Go from shallow to shining in just a few steps and enjoy weeks of chip-proof nail beauty! Outshine your competition and bring a look everyone will adore seeing you in!

Why PrettyPuff is for you

Shine with excellence- See how you’re your nails transform into glitter masterpieces! Your nail look will shine like never before!

Done in a minute- Create the most dashing finish just by pouring and pressing. You don’t need any skill to make your nails shine!

The formula for beauty- Why choose between one color when the whole rainbow can fit on your nails! PrettyPuff’s mix brings the uniqueness you seek!

PrettyPuff is the ultimate choice- Bring your nail art to a whole new beauty level to create a shining look that lasts for weeks!