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Snoozesom-Fleece Bed Sheet

Product description:

Make your bed cozier than ever

Tired of sleeping on a cold rock during the winter? Not to worry, Snoozesom covers your bedtime problems by bringing coziness, comfort and warmth to your mattress!

Our cover is made from the thickest velvet that provides not only a warm plushy feeling but also durability that makes it eternal. You’ll feel as if you are laying on a summer cloud!

Our sheets come in all sizes to transform your double bed or the kids’ beds into clouds you won’t want to get off from! Experience the true joy of sleeping with the coziest cover out there!

Why Snoozesom is for you

Upgrade your nightly comfort- Spread a soft plushy feeling all around your bed to sleep under a cloud made out of velvet!

Always toasty under the sheets- Stay cozy and perfectly covered in the winter to enjoy yourself under the sheets!

Fits the bedroom and the bed- Discover the wide range of versatile sizes and intuitive designs to meet the perfect match for you!

Snoozesom is the ultimate choice- Transform the way your bed feels to get the maximum coziest and comfort while you lay in it!